X Men Origins – Wolverine Review and What’s Next From the X Men Movie Scene?

X Men – what a fabulous concept. Haven’t we all wanted to possess superhuman powers? I know I have. As I didn’t see this movie in the cinema, I couldn’t wait to rent my personal copy when X Men Origins: Wolverine came out on September the 15th this year. Since the beginning of the original X Men hit in 2000, there have been an array of predefining films building story upon story. You could say that sequels never really live up to the first ever film. I decided to take up the task of casting my critical beady eye over the recent release. Was it worth the wait? This is what I found….

One of the striking successes of this film and the others has been the ability of the producers to consistently produce the same technical levels for a film with super quality and great pictures. Without this it just wouldn’t feel the same and sometimes I feel we do not credit the shows producers enough for this element of production.

Let’s cut to the chase now. What was the story? Hugh Jackman returned to the big screen in the role that made him the star – Wolverine . Anyone with a fascination for Wolverine would have loved discovering all about his past as I did. The opening montage took us on a film of his contribution to the American war through the decades. The story starts with a young Wolverine as James Howlett. His hidden skeletons included being witness to the murder of his father at the hands of another man claiming to be his ‘real’ dad. Then as Logan, he and his brother Victor find out that they possess superhuman powers combined with an intense rage that will ultimately provide them both with the source of strength that they need to fight in combat. They both have razor sharp claws to boot. They become embroiled in military combat.

Then enter another player in the field,Stryker. In this film he sheds light on his connection to Wolverine.Stryker actively recruits mutants to his team to carry out orders from the US military. The team comprises of individuals with unusual powers. Such powers included master marksman, an electricity master, a strong man, a teleporter, expert swordsmen not to mention the sharp nails of Vistor and steely razor-sharp claws of Logan. Logan is reluctant to battle particularly when an African village is massacred. Logan quits and spends the next years in the Canadian Rockies working as a lumberjack.

As luck would have it when you’re making a blockbuster, Logan was never going to live happily ever after. Big brother Vistor turns up. He’d been killing off members from the old unit and when their confrontation ends in tragedy, Logan sees red. Stryker makes him a deal to become part of his new team again in return for bringing his brother Victor down. An offer he could just simply not say no to. This would involve a risky process in which Logan’s bones would be bonded with adamantium, this would turn him into Wolverine for us adoring fans.

This simple but dramatic story of revenge is what X Men Origins: Wolverine is all about. We learn more about his character traits again. A tale of where he has a great sense of uneasiness as to who he is, conflict rages.
I give this film a grand 9/10. Why? It filled me with plenty of emotion, all different types; it was fast paced and well grafted together. So, now that I’ve seen that, I want to see the next but what is it going to be?

Rumours are rife and David Goyer who has been tasked to write and direct Magneto, said ” that Fox are trying to decide if making a young X Men film makes the most sense now”.

In the meantime why not enjoy a great film trailer of X Men Origins: Wolverine at the x men toys site just enough to stimulate your imagination on a journey into a world where you either fight, die or survive. This fast paced trailer will just wet your appetite for more…..

Whatever is decided, I just cannot wait for another super brilliant sequel to hit our screens and provide us with another opportunity to savour more from the X Men.

So it sounds like there’s a face-off between Deadpool, Magneto and First Class at Fox right now. Who do you think will win and get the green light first? Where do you place your bet? Could it also be about Storm? We sure as hell could do with a strong woman taking centre stage. Let us know who you want to see next on the big screen and why?