Life Is Like A Movie

Have you ever had an experience in your life, when you thought for sure you were in a movie? Doesn’t it seem like it at times? Wouldn’t it be great if you knew for sure what was coming next? Doesn’t it seem at times that some of the people in your life appear all too familiar? Have you reached that stage yet, when so many people start to look alike to you. They seem to be so familiar, you wonder… “don’t I already know them, even though you know you don’t? Hmmm…well, maybe there are some reasonable answers to these thought provoking questions. Maybe you just haven’t put your finger on them yet.

Perhaps the answers lie in some pretty amazing places, right inside of you! Could it be that maybe, just maybe you have re-incarnated yourself so many times, you might be running out of new scenarios and seemly new people to write into your movie script? Maybe, just maybe, it might be time to consider not rewriting the all too familiar movie scenes and character actors in your script. How about writing something new?

Oh well, you have been in similar roles with your acting group, sometimes the parent, sometimes the child, sometimes the leader and sometime the follower, sometimes the something or other! You already know that! It’s a fact! Well, what if you look at your life now as a fantastic chance and fact finding mission to script, edit, if it starts to look too familiar in a nonproductive way, produce, direct, act and even select your own new cast to join you in your new movie, your new script and your new life. How fabulicious is this!

Start taking the time, to look around you. What is it that you like about your life. What is it that you don’t like? This could be the best time “to get your act together” and start making some positive, upbeat changes. Ask yourself… “If you could change one thing, what would that be?” Write it down and re-right your life. What would you like to see for yourself in the next week, month or year. Write it down and make sure you are not re-writing an old scene from an old movie script that has been over produced.

Maybe, it is time to bring new characters and new blood into your life. Look on your own bright side, you do have one, you know. Life is not always grim and sad. Write all the “rights” into your new movie. Forget about the “wrongs”. Movie on! Get “in charge” of your own production company. Make sure what you are producing is how you want your life to be.

Get a new theme song. Stop singing the old blue tunes! Get in tune and write a song that sings the words of your new movie. Let go of those sad tunes, get rid of those country and western blues song of being “left alone, high and dry”. Get in tune with your life! Get really involved in writing your life from the moment you wake up each day to the moment you fall asleep at night. And if you can’t fall asleep some nights, take it as a perfect occasion to view your new movie. Get creative. Enjoy yourself. And be open to inviting new people, new scenes into your life. And make sure you have lots of popcorn while you are watching your new movie and your new life.

Movie Review: The Darkest Hour

Extraterrestrials have long been a part of the movie scene, but have now become even a greater part of the world of movies in more recent times with Cowboys & Aliens, Transformers, Attack the Block, etc. The creators of these types of movies have had to step up their game with respect to these creatures from another world as they are now so much in demand, and they need to deliver just what the audience needs in order to pull in the big bucks at the box office. This movie review will look at the thriller, The Darkest Hour, which is a story that tells of a number of young tourists that ended up being in Russia; Moscow to be exact; at the same time when aliens invaded. These aliens are invisible and come as tendrils of lights as well as wisps. They vaporize human beings as well as a dog quite easily in this thriller of a movie. These aliens are on earth in order to demolish our energies, and forget about trying to obliterate them, as our contemporary weapons cannot affect their existence in any way at all.

Having set this movie in Moscow than in the usual unoriginal locale of Los Angeles or New York, as well as making the aliens invisible, this thriller has set the pace for another level of those creatures from another planet, that we so love to hate. More importantly, it makes it very difficult for the young people in the move to escape these creatures or to try to fight back as well.

The stars of The Darkest Hour include Rachel Taylor, Emile Hirsch, Joel Kinnaman and Olivia Thirlby. It is directed by Chris Gorak and it was produced by Timur Bekmambetov. These aliens that are energy-based opens the discussion up to many questions; one such question being how exactly these types of aliens work, in direct relationship with the types of kinetic energy that they can take in.
Other than those prudent questions needing to be answered, this movie is seemingly a usual invasion of the aliens kind of a movie, complete with human characters that are two-dimensional in nature. It is very good technically though, with great visual effects, especially when the people in the movie are being disintegrated by these aliens and the visuals of Russia appearing to be a metropolis wasteland that is barren post-invasion is very convincing indeed.

The release date for the Darkest Hour is two days before Christmas; on December 23rd, 2011. It will open in the United States in both 2D as well as 3D theatres.

The Most Frightening Horror Scenes You’ll Ever See


Jaws had two scenes that were scenes I would have to say were two of the most frightening scenes I had ever seen. The first opened the movie and the last was towards the end of the movie.

A young lady decides to go skinny-dipping with a friend however due to the friend being intoxicated he falls to sleep while attempting to shed his clothes.

Seconds later the young lady unfortunately discovers lurking nearby the reason most people are afraid to go in the ocean, a great white shark that will not only attack her but she will not live, as some do, to talk about it.

The music that we’ve come to recognize even many years after seeing the movie as the music from the movie Jaws along with the mounting suspense were very essential elements to this extremely terrifying scene. But what most people remember about that scene was the woman’s screams as she was being eaten alive, right before she was dragged under the water for the last time.

Robert Shaw’s character, Quint, shark hunter and more modern up to date version of Melville’s captain Ahab archetype also is devoured by the shark but his killing was nothing like what was previously seen in the movie. If you weren’t truly moved by seeing this man being dragged from the boat in the mouth of that monstrous sea creature, then you should have checked your pulse.

I still remember when the helpless man slides to the end of the boat where the shark waited with its mouth agape. As the man entered the mouth the shark the shark bites down into the midsection of the man with its razor-sharp teeth sending blood spewing from the man’s mouth.

Fortunately for him, the ordeal would be over very soon, but not before we, as an audience would see one of the most graphic and truly terrifying scenes ever put on film.


There are so many truly disturbing things about the climatic sequence in this movie I truly don’t know where to start. For starters, Jo Beth Williams’ character slipped into their unfinished in-ground pool that was filled with muddy water and was suddenly surrounded by a horde of skeletons. If that wasn’t enough, what about the coffins that suddenly jutted to the surface filled with even more skeletons inside? If being surrounded by that much death doesn’t get to you then maybe you should again, check your pulse.

And considering the rate at which everything was happening during the sequence if you wanted to catch your breath Steven Spielberg made that all but impossible.

The Exorcist

In my opinion much of Reagan’s possession that was portrayed on screen was if not frightening, it was certainly disturbing. But what disturbed me the most was when the young girl takes on the form of a contortionist “from hell” and walks down the steps basically bent over backwards. It doesn’t get anymore disturbing than that let me tell you.


The scene when Laurie Strode, Jamie Lee Curtis’ character appears to be trapped in the closet and doomed to die at the hands of Michael Myers. The tension alone that John Carpenter was able to build during that exact moment made that scene one of the cornerstone scenes of the movie. Of course his signature musical score helped to inject a tremendous about a tension into that moment as well.

An American Werewolf in London

The opening sequence in of ” An American Werewolf in London “, Griffin Dun’s character “Jack” is torn to pieces by the werewolf. His terrifying screams as he is being mauled is sure to leave an indelible mark upon the psyche long after the sound enters the viewer’s hearing. The scene is one for the ages and arguably one of the most terrifying scenes ever put to film.


Psycho was made before a time when there were as not as much killing in horror movies as there are today. In fact if I’m not mistaken there were three people killed in the movie but the most notable and frightening was the “shower scene”, where Janet Lee’s character was hacked to death by Norman Bates’ alter ego, “mother”.

And even though the scene was shot in black and white, as the rest of the most was, due to the director’s decision to lessen the shock value from people seeing so much blood that was shown in the scene, the scene was still very unsettling and undoubtedly one of the most well-known horror movie scenes in motion picture history.


In “Mirrors” Keifer Sutherland’s character’s sister played by Amy Smart was laying in the bathtub taking a bath and then suddenly something comes over her and she began placing both of her hands in her mouth. If you’ve seen the movie you know what comes next. She begins ripping her mouth from her lower jaw, which was a very disturbing sight.

A Nightmare on Elm Street

I would be remiss if I didn’t add “A Nightmare on Elm Street” to our list of some of the most frightening scenes ever put on film. Because whenever there is a horror movie where the killer (Freddy Krueger) wears a glove with razor- sharp blades on it, you undoubtedly will have a scene or two in the movie where someone will be sliced up pretty badly. And that is exactly what happened in our next scene.

Freddy Krueger decides to “crash the party” of a young couple that’s looking to “mix it up” under the sheets. Which is where the young lady found herself, under the sheets awaiting her friend who was in the bathroom.

In her anticipation of what was to come she suddenly realizes someone under the sheets with her, someone other than her friend. Before she knows what hit her, that someone, Freddy Krueger, tears her flesh to shreds, absolutely slaughtering her and peppering her bedroom walls with so much blood that the room looked as though some type of animal had been hacked to pieces in there. The scene was not only one of the best scenes in the movie it also was one of the most disturbing and frightening scenes I’ve every scene on screen.

If you managed to see any or possibly all of the movies I have recounted here, then you know how essential these scenes were to their respective movies. Not only were they “water cooler” scenes many of them for some people were very unsettling and for others very frightening.