Girls Making Out Is Nothing New for European Movies

Scenes of women making out on the bed, in public places or quite openly in movies may be something considered shocking for Americans, but for the Europeans who are more comfortable about their bodies and sexual orientation, these scenes are nothing new, in fact, they are quite commonplace. Take for instance the European movies, especially the French and Scandinavian ones. They have gay and lesbian scenes which are just as common as heterosexual scenes in Hollywood movies. They are filmed in the same style and some are even very well done.

Everyone was shocked when they saw pictures of famous personas like Madonna, Spears, Bullock and Johansson making out in public, but what they do not realize is that these women are just copycats. These ‘shocking’ scenes are dime a dozen in Europe and there were even hilarious reports of the American reactions. Europeans are very comfortable with their bodies and they let no taboos get in their way. They are more open about their gay communities, their films are more open in terms of nudity and erotic scenes, even the famous Millennium Trilogy – Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest was quite blatant to show the love scenes between two women, and it was quite graphic too. Did it get the attention of the Europeans when it was shown there? On the contrary, they were quite shocked at the American’s reactions to the scenes. For them it was so ordinary and commonplace that they even forgot there was a scene. Give it to the Americans to focus on that one scene alone and make a fuss over it.

Girls making out in public places like bars have been coined as ‘Barsexuals.’ However, does that really have to be the term used? It is okay for a man and a woman to make out in public even if they don’t love each other, but it is not okay for two women to make out when they love each other? There seems to be some sort of bias somewhere and that is the main focus of this article. Girls who make out should not be ostracized; they should be accepted just like the others. There should be no differences for the acceptance of their sexual orientation. Fact is, it is time for America to grow up because the rest of the world definitely has.